10 things you too can do to make your day productive during uncertain times of self isolation (COVID19)

If you’re employed somewhere as of now, I can’t tell if you’re going to your workplace or not. But if you’re a student and you think your schools and colleges are going to reopen soon, lol no one can really put the records straight but most agree that it’s not gonna happen anytime in July or even August. So we still have a month to work on ourselves, don’t we? These tips will be really beneficial for youngsters but even working oldies might benefit (haha, just kidding). So here are some things to do to make your days at home worthwhile. Also, a little reminder to take your vitamins! No time to spare for this LONG post? I doubt that, but if you find these too boring, skim through the post rather than reading it in its entirety.

1. Write Down Your Doable Goals for the Month like 1) Complete 5/6/10/100 chapters of Math 2) Write [number] blog posts 3) Start a youtube channel or anything achievable that you’d like to add for the month in consideration, you got the idea, right? Look at the list every single day and make sure you’re putting in efforts to succeed with it. Cancel out with a pen, the tasks you’ve finished dealing with and at the end when you go back to analyze how much you were able to adhere to the list, I hope you feel proud in that very moment.

2. Brush up Your Language Skills, do a bit by bit. If you’re reading this, I can safely assume you know at least the basics of English and are willing to improve. There’s an abundance of resources to help you in your learning journey, for instance, Duolingo is a language learning app suggested by so many of my friends, might as well try it out…! Not only English, but you could study other languages like French, Spanish or Chinese also. Add these to your CV or just make a great impression on people you meet, all you have to do is choose the level suited to your existing linguistic ability and you’re good to go!

3. Find out What you are Passionate About by Trying Your Hand at Everything. I’m truly grateful for the lockdown as I’ve started drawing and coloring once again and even though I’m not great, it always lightens up my mood. Try painting, writing stories or cooking, and starting a food blog or any other hobby you would like to have and see which ones resonate with your heart. The next time someone asks you, ‘What are your favorite pastimes?’, you won’t freak out.

4. Explore Conventional Job Areas and Discover Newer Ones. I’m pretty sure there still remains a pinch of dilemma in your mind, if not more, regarding your career choices for the coming future. Plenty of available opportunities make it even more difficult to finalize the perfect profession. Now is the time you can use to get to know more about your own talents and values and which fields would help you fulfill the dreams for your future self. Career decisions can sometimes be tough to make, so get cracking to decide what’d work for you.

5. Participate in Online MUNs and Other Contests. Despite the lack of physical accessibility, many kind people are taking initiatives to conduct Model United Nations simulations and various competitions in writing, quizzing, drawing, etc. Simply type in ‘Online [Category] Contests 2020’, click the search button and go sign yourself up for at least a couple of them because once you register, there is a sorta mental pressure to get up and start preparing for the same. Make a note of it and remember to not just participate, but work hard towards winning the competition as well, so that it actually benefits you, thank me later 

6. Enroll Yourself in at Least one Online Course. As has been mentioned in my previous post on ‘Jobs’CourseraFreeCodeCamp, and Codecademy are just to name a few of the many institutions providing FREE skill enhancement courses. How cool iz dat? These are some of the best sides of the whole lockdown, and I’m keeping hopes that you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this one.

7. Educate Yourself About the World’s Problems. With so much of time to kill, you could make your day count by learning some mind-blowing facts about ANYTHING, there is so much information on the web! Read about Racial Injustices, The Point in Feminism, Our Education System, or just fun facts even. Another great topic to research about could be the sole reason you’re at home, yeah you guessed it right, the COVID19! Do this only if you want to sound like the intellectual one when your group starts discussions about worldly issues!

8. Focus on Building a Healthy Bod. On regular days, craving junk food such as burgers and street food after a long day is to be expected but in the long run, that could prove to be harmful. Now that this junk is unavailable, when can be the perfect time to start eating healthy and get that body in shape, if not right flipping now? Not asking you to go on a diet or throw away the Maggi noodles in the trash, but try to make the number of components in your daily meals look something like Healthy>>>Junk. Doing it for as less as a week or so will put you into a healthy habit for the coming days and your body will thank you forever. Don’t forget to add some physical activity and workouts in your daily routine to see actual results.

9. Get That Skin and Hair GLOWING. If you ask me, I do not follow any skincare routine and it SHOWS! When we go out, we remember to cleanse our faces once we’re back home but are you taking good care of your face now? My acne scene worsens multifold on holidays as I forget to wash my face while I stay at home alone. Moreover, there’s no one to watch us, so we skip our shampoo days and keep that greasy hair for DAYS. Been there, done that. DON’T do that. Know your skin/hair type and get your research done regarding what enhances your existent beauty, and please keep up with it. (I’ll try too.)

10. Remember it’s not a Race of Productivity. As contradictory as it may sound, stressing over ‘being productive’ is simply not worth it, trust me. My personal experience turns out that I produce much better results on normal days as compared to those on the days I decide to be ‘productive’. So just do your thing, and set realistic targets for the day so you can go to bed with a sense of satisfaction. Burnout is not what we’re aiming for, and that can easily happen if you abstain from taking a break to sip tea/coffee in peace, away from the surrounding chaos.

The post was a little longer but you still made it till the end, cheers to YOU! Now I would like to add that these holidays aren’t only about being productive, so even if you haven’t done something you think you’d be proud of, that’s okay. Be happy that you’ve made it till here and you’re reading this post, I guess that adds as well. 🙂

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Have you been as productive as you hoped to be? Have you completed one of these? Let’s talk in the comments below. If you use WordPress, simply leave a reply or if you aren’t a user, comment using your name!

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Disclaimer: This post does not contain sponsored links or anything of that sort, but I wish it did.

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33 thoughts on “10 things you too can do to make your day productive during uncertain times of self isolation (COVID19)

  1. This is such a well curated posts. I have almost ticked up all the points in your list. Maybe, I should join a online course now.
    Really, it was a helpful post! Many thanks 🥰 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyy! Thank you very much. I was trying to get to your blog but looks like you haven’t posted anything yet! I’m glad you had fun reading the post, and do join an online course, it’ll be really helpful to you! ❤


        1. Hey Aditi! It’s all m pleasure, certainly. Wanted to check out what you have to say too. Anyway, thank you very much, heading to the website now. Yeah, Udemy is cool, and stay safe!


  2. Whoa! I really didn’t know MUNs were being conducted online as well! Perhaps I’ll try finding one again!
    Weirdest thing is I’ve done most of these things, and now hobbies take up the entire day and I barely do any studying … XD
    Need to dial the hobbies back a little and get into serious work now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are some of them, try looking for one on Instagram. I think that’s quite productive, if anything. Lol try to manage both simultaneously. But it’s great that you’re pursuing your hobbies too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Just at the right timing. I really love this post. I’m going to save it

    I agree so much with learning an online course. I really need to start doing that.

    And also, learning and polishing my languages.

    Thanks so much for the links you included and the websites you referred us to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay glad it was what you needed! Go ahead and save it! Yess, all these websites have extended their free courses deadlines, so there still is enough time for you. You’re great wit English, so try something new maybe? It’s all my pleasure Vincent 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Really enjoying your blog, Purvasha! 🙂
    Great posts and an amazingly designed blog. 😀

    I particularly loved point 10 of this piece! It is DEFINITELY not a race to being over productive. Sometimes it’s completely fine to sit back and relax and do NOTHING at all. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Yash! Yours is pretty great too. And yes, I completely agree, it’s fine to do nothing at all. Also, ow cool is it that even I left for the Gulf when I was 2 AND in Bombay!

      Liked by 1 person

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