Book Review 2 of the month July: A Murder Mystery ‘I Know What You Saw’ by Gillian Larkin

Gillian Larkin Books

Bonjour! Here I am with another book review for a book I read last night, ‘I Know What You Saw’ by Gillian Larkin which had been published last year. These are my own views on the book and you may or may not agree with them, so read on to know what I think. And have fun!

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Blurb: Maggie Kleburn is just like any other woman who lives on just like any other boring street. Until a neighbour is murdered. She mistakenly captures the killing whose footage is shown to her by Sam, a surveillance expert. The device goes missing and the killer invades her house only to leave a creepy message for Maggie. Sam helps Maggie flee to another town but Maggie finds it hard to trust anyone, including Sam. Maggie travels to another place in search of safety for herself and justice for her neighbour. But someone is following her all the way and that person lets her know she can NEVER escape. A thrilling mystery full of twists and turns.

Tagline: First, there were hedgehogs. Then there was a murder. And now, Maggie Kelburn is on the run from a killer.

“Someone was looking right at her through the window.”

Gillian Larkin, I know what you saw

Review: With 195 pages in total, ‘I Know What You Saw’ is sort of a short, grasping murder mystery which begins ordinarily but develops plot along the way. Written with the third POV, the book presents the story of Maggie Kleburn to us in the best way possible. Basically, the Larkin book is a collection of many twists and turns with a little bit of romance and comedy. This was my first book from this author and her writing style in this one was in the form of simple, short sentences that don’t mess things up, and it gave me exactly what I’d expected. My personal favorite character was the surveillance expert Sam, but even Maggie was cool if we ignore her dumbness at some points. In the Gillian Larkin book, I hated how stupid Oscar and Carmella behaved and also the unrealistic reactions the characters had to gunshots. In the two shooting scenes, bystanders acted like yeah it’s all cool, gun shots are an everyday-thing, and the mentions of hedgehogs MIGHT annoy you, though I was okay with it. The chapters are short and the author tried to end every single one of them on a mysterious note, which worked for me and not gonna lie, it will give you chills too (it did to me).. The mystery had the most satisfying ending, that will most certainly leave you shocked, and I would just say, I do not regret investing time on this one, at all. A detailed background of the killer would’ve been appreciated and information about Sam and his son Jake’s occupation would make the story better and easier to connect with, rest was fine. If you would like to understand why you should not trust even people close to you blindly, you could pick this up without second thoughts and it will keep you interested for certain!


Star Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Comment below if you have read this book or if I was successful in convincing you to do so! I’m dying to receive your feedback. Well, not dying but it would make me very happy if you would also share this post with that one booklover friend you have.

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15 thoughts on “Book Review 2 of the month July: A Murder Mystery ‘I Know What You Saw’ by Gillian Larkin

  1. I love to watch and read thriller, mystery stuff !! These always grab my attention. Does that mean, I have a serial killer brain in progress?That’s obviously not true ,right?? Please tell that’s not 😕

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  2. You did it girl, you convinced me, anyhow I was going though a bit montonous routine, its time to dig up some mystery , surely I’ll read this book !! Thanks bae for sharing!!!

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