How you’ve benefited from the coronavirus and hence, the lockdown: By thatgirlwhospeaks

The COVID-19 outbreak situation has been recently declared as a global pandemic by the WHO and I’m sure it got all of us thinking, ”What if these are, indeed, the last days of my life?” While the virus quite obviously has its dangerous, negative side, it has its own set of positives as well. No doubt it has already caused mass level deaths and is gonna act as the reason for downfall of the economy, even so coronavirus isn’t that bad as it is hyped to be. I mean of course, it is 99% a bane, but for now, let’s focus on the 1% boon part, can we?

The virus does look disgusting, but looking at it is better than having it in you

Quality time: When was the last time (before corona ofc) you sat with your family for a nice cup of tea? Can’t recall? There you go, 1. The lockdown gave you family time, admit it. Even if it’s because of the lack of other options, I’m sure your parents are more than happy to have you stick around at home for THIS long.

Pollution Factor: If you’re from Delhi/Bombay (India), you probably don’t know what a clear sky looks like. With all the traffic and pollution around us, the clouds and sky nearly got lost somewhere. But within a few days of the lockdown in India, it’s back! Now how cool is that?

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Leisure and Recreation Time: As much as we all want this to end, somewhere inside we’re liking this joblessness and self-improvement time the quarantine has brought along, aren’t we? Cuz let’s face it: Due to work, we are unable to spare time for selfcare, our hobbies and other things we’re passionate about. But Corona has got us covered. The time we spent at work/school is now all ours to use, be it for reading, working out or just netflix. So how bad can it be?

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After all, a nice glass of wine Never hurts (alone of course-Remember, Social DIstancing?!)

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Experiencing Life: Amidst all the chaos because of school/work, most of us have forgotten what peace felt like. Now, you have the luxury of sitting on your couch and meditating, doing yoga or anything that feeds your soul. This is the best time to get to know yourself from the core.

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Improved Sanitation: I’ve heard people who didn’t even wash their hands prior to meals earlier, talking about the importance of usage of sanitizers. I think that’s something worth being thankful for. People have started maintaining basic hygiene and ensuring cleanliness in the surroundings around them, which hopefully, they will inculcate into their regular routines as well. I just wish everyone continues this even after the epidemic is over.

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Healthy food: I know how hard it is for those of you who love eating out, but think about it; if it wasn’t for the lockdown, would you eat only home-cooked meals for this long? No, right? So, enjoy this break from junk food and relish the awesome ‘ghar ka khana’ you’re getting to eat now.

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Healthy meals aren’t that bad

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Self-isolation=Selflessness: The way people are isolating themselves completely, as soon as they are realising that their presence around people is harmful to them, is very amazing tbh. Despite having the option of staying with family and having the luxury of home and their care, they’re choosing the tough path and staying away from their loved ones. Seeing such wiseness and love warms my heart (*fights back tears*). The least you deserve is haircare for those lovely tresses: Lots of love for my hair

Also, please stay indoors. It’s really sad to see so many people still roaming outside who either aren’t aware enough or are simply dumb. Please stay home. YOU ARE NOT NEEDED OUTSIDE. Don’t act like you are. Remember to disinfect everything around you and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. That’s the least we can do to prevent something horrible from happening, isn’t it?

This was my take on the widespread epidemic going on around us. Comment what you think about this, and wash your hands, please. Stay safe, everyone! All of us will get through this, together 🙂

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