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Bored in the house? 15 things to do to fix your boredom

Boredom hits hard? What to do during lockdown at home?

Yeah I get it, you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored. I’ve done a post on being productive at home which you can check out here, but a little fun never hurts anyone, does it? And well, since it seems like the lockdown isn’t going to be lifted anytime soon, here I am with 15 fun things to do while you stay grounded within those four walls.

  1. Learn to cook! As you might have already seen so many people you follow on SM trying new recipes now, it’s time even you get into the kitchen and experiment with new cooking methods. We can’t eat out, but we sure can bring the yummilicious food in!
  2. DIY crafts! There are tons of Youtube channels as well as blogs that teach you how you can DIY (do-it-yourself) everything from clothes and shoes to notebooks and pads. I’m too lazy to diy but if you want to do something new, you can try your hand at it! Check out Sara’s Beauty Corner!
  3. Shop from the comfort of your home! A few stores like Amazon and Myntra are still taking orders with Myntra allowing COD. Plan out all the outfits you’re going to wear once this lockdown gets over. Or buy other stuff! Lucky you if you live in a safe area, you can now binge shop all the products lying in your cart for ages.
  4. Sort your clothes, books, or shoe racks out! I know it’s been ages since you last cleaned those shelves in your room and it is likely that your closet is even smelling bad. This is the perfect time to take everything out and perform a little wardrobe clear-out, isn’t it?
  5. Read an ebook if not a physical one! In some areas, bookstores haven’t opened yet and you possibly don’t wish to come in direct contact with new people, but you have Kindle books by your side! Get under the blanket with your device and a hot cup of tea to sip on, while you read your heart out!
  6. Watch that movie or web series you had been dying to watch, but didn’t have enough time for. There’s so much new content being released by influencers and entertainers out there and of course, all these shows streaming services have your back for that matter. Prime members enjoy unlimited free delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals & more. Click here to get Prime at Rs. 129 per month/Rs. 329 for 3 months.
  7. Play fun board games with your family! This is almost like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we’ve gotten, so make certain that you spend at least some amount of time with the people you share your DNA with. Play Ludo, Monopoly, or any other fun game you’d like to, together.
  8. Discover new songs and make playlists of the best ones out of them! There is a wide range of songs and artists waiting for you to recognize and listen to them. Who knows, you might even find your next favorite in the journey! Hunt them down through YouTube’s recommended videos or reach out to that friend who has got an amazing taste in music! You’ll find my playlist here: Spotify Playlist
  9. Call your squad! No doubt you miss hangouts at pretty cafeterias, but you know Zoom Group Calls are the new cafes, right? Hang-in and plan one of those with your gang and don’t forget to capture screenshots. Hope your people won’t ditch you this time!!
  10. Take a walk down memory lane! Revisit your childhood by fetching old family photo albums and videos of when you were little. Spend time being nostalgic and analyze how your life has changed over the years. Share the photos with your friends to have a good laugh…
  11. Start a diary and/or journal! ‘Diary, form of autobiographical writing, a regularly kept record of the diarist’s activities and reflections. Written primarily for the writer’s use alone, the diary has a frankness that is unlike writing done for publication.’ Don’t prefer writing? Express yourself in artistic ways by doing an art journal!
  12. Inculcate a hobby you’ve totally forgotten about, back in your routine! I bet there is that one thing you loved to do as a kid, it might be playing a sport, painting, organizing shelves, or doing calligraphy. Start over with that again, trust me, it’s something your heart needs right now.

13. Practise Selfcare! We are always too busy to find time for pampering ourselves but now that you’re bored, make a list of relaxing activities, plan 3-4 selfcare days or weeks, or months and pick one activity a day. Some selfcare ideas: Spa day, Movie Marathon, Reading before bed, Baking competition with parents/kids.

14. Set a skin and body care routine! Now is the time to prepare yourself to go back to school/work with that visible glow up. Try to remain consistent while you work out, do yoga, or Zumba at least once every two days, and don’t forget to wash-moisturize your face before bed.

15. If you’re done with all of the above and are still bored, well, head over to the ‘Bored Button’ website where you click a button and they generate for you a random thing to. I think it’s a pretty jobless thing to do, so I suggest you rather make a new Social Media account, maybe on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll be booked with memes to see all day!

Ah! Wrote a post after so long (did you notice that I was gone, if yes, did you miss me?)

That’s it for today, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by the amazing people I follow, everyone just has so much to share! If you’re looking for suggestions, I enjoy reading Kushal’s posts as they talk about science, books, and other interesting topics. You can find his blog BarelyWise here. You could also consider subscribing to posts of thewitheringblog here for reading about books from this absolutely lovely blogger Rain.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Bored in the house? 15 things to do to fix your boredom

        1. Oh sure, if you’d like a mystery, I would suggest you read The woman in the window or The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. For romance, you could go with Looking for Alaska or Can love happen twice? ‘First touch’ is a good paranormal fantasy!


          1. Read “can love happen twice” definitely will remaining. Your suggestions are are good. I have seen some of the movies you have mentioned earlier. It is very helpful to change the attitude towards everything….


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