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Welcome to thatgirlwhospeaks!

Of course, I wanted a better name for my first blog but of course, everything I want is already taken, and I’m kinda getting used to it :/ But it isn’t that bad, is it? Oh by the way, take a look at my pages, posts and if you like them, then share them too! Sharing=Caring, right? Now that I’m trying to give blogging a try, please don’t let me down. Also, I really hope to get to know more people through this, so let’s catch up with each other?

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19 thoughts on “Home

        1. I simply follow the straightforward definition of feminism, which is equal rights for all individuals, and it’s not just about fundamental rights for women like that of voting anymore. It’s also about social equality which has to start from homes itself.

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              1. no, not exactly. I rather like to call myself an “equalist”, I believe in the equality of rights for everyone, be it male or female, hindu or muslim, black or white.

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