A list of few things to start doing now that will help you deal with anxiety due to job loss during times of COVID19

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While most employees in government jobs and essential services are still working even from their homes, there are thousands of people who have lost employment during these times of isolation. Because most people are quarantined in their homes, there really aren’t many people out there, spending money or enjoying other services because of which, the workers at those shops or offices aren’t getting any customers. There are many amongst us, who do not have jobs or aren’t getting paid and are looking for anything to do in order to make ends meet.

From the core of my heart, I hope you all are among the fortunate ones and have enough money for you and your family to survive and get through this whole pandemic. But if you have no employment and you’re anxious about how you’re going to get the required sustenance for your families and deal with the ongoings, read on for a few simple tips that might help. All these are things you can do from the comfort of your room without spending a penny, but maybe earning some dollars!

  1. Cut down on your expenses! Right now, hopefully you and your family members aren’t going out, which is where most of your money’d be spent anyway. Take advantage of that and practise minimalism by spending very little to nothing on clothes and entertainment and instead only buy grocery and other essentials like masks.
  2. Exercise and meditate! They are amazing stress-relievers and the best part is that they cost nothing! It is important for you to stay active and healthy which will help build immunity. Remember, health is wealth? Do some yoga or just go for a walk around the neighbourhood but make sure you sanitise your hands and the things you take along.
  3. Boost your skills online! There are so many free platforms like Coursera, Edx, FreeCodeCamp and there is plenty of time to invest and learn what they have to offer. Skills like communication, writing and coding will look great on your resumé and lectures on healing, literature and art will help you grow as an individual. Great opportunity!
  4. Make accounts on Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn! These are sites occupied by lakhs of employers and recruiters who are in search of employees for their companies. Prepare an impressive profile of your professional side and keep in mind to add your valuable expertise. I can guarantee you’ll get scores of jobs suited for you.
  5. Start a blog/podcast/youtube channel! These are social platforms where millions spend most of their time, so try and make use of this statistic by creating content and focusing on growing audience. These will take a lot of time to make money but again, we cannot say how long everything is going to last either. So start right away!
  6. Make money from home! You could do this by selling items that are no longer in use, like books you’ve read, or old electronics like an old-fashioned TV or a now-useless phone. You could also come up with a business strategy specific to the lockdown. Maybe delivering essentials to people’s homes or selling aesthetic masks! (Scroll to the end of the article)
  7. Sell your skill set! You think you write well? Sign up for programs like the one on Medium where you get paid for your write ups! If you’re good at teaching, send a pitch video to Unacademy and wait to see if you get hired. Think you can dance well? Put up a collection of dance tutorial videos for sale. You could even make money out of your advice as counselling..
  8. Form professional connections in your niche! The entire world is on social media like twitter, instagram and facebook, so why not use that in your favour by meeting new people, not in real life, but on the internet! There are hundreds like you in your field, you’ll make friends and who knows, they might help you land an awesome job later!
  9. Grab Work From Home chances! Byju’s is hiring 4000 people in various fields and you can be one of them! Other IT Companies are also in need of employees and are providing jobs to tons of people, so go ahead and send your applications! Just search ‘Work from home jobs in [Your City]’ on the web engine and get your results 😉

If you’re on the dispensing end of salaries, you’re humbly requested to not stop paying the people who work for you, during serious times like these and please keep the pay cut to the minimum so everyone is able to come through the problem in a positive way. I hope you all are doing well and stay safe, stay healthy!

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Comment below if you’re financially in a good place now, or not. You might meet other interested people in the replies! And if you found it useful, don’t forget to share this with someone struggling for bread and butter. Thanks 😉

Disclaimer: I’m no employment specialist or any kind of professional and this is just a compilation of 10 basic things to do.

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13 thoughts on “A list of few things to start doing now that will help you deal with anxiety due to job loss during times of COVID19

  1. Such great and helpful tips for us all to implement even when this is over!

    Thank u for your email. I have fixed the old broken link that was attached to my account! Thanks for bringing that to my attention😊

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    1. Exactly! Hope you are doing well, generally and financially. That’s completely my pleasure. I found your WordPress blog soon though, but I’m glad you fixed the link so it’s easier for people to navigate!

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  2. These are great suggestions, thank youuu soo much ! I tried and it actually helped and I’m following my passion ,so I feel good too !!

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