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About me

Hi I’m Purvasha, a 18-year old. Nice to
meet you! New to blogging. Sharing things I’ve learnt over time


Hello. I’m Purvasha. A bibliophile or a book lover. And uh yes, I’m your typical teenage girl who has a crush on every second guy she meets :/ I try to see the best in every individual out there, and I mainly aim to make the best of what life has to offer.

I’m a girl with feminist views which is why sexist comments and statements get my back up all the time. Sometimes to the extent that I slam my door and wonder if I was born on the wrong planet (typical teenager, told ya). Also, I have this bad habit of laughing during serious moments. But, I like to think that everything happening around is really hilarious.

And did I forget to mention that I’ve been single for wayy too long.? (I mean 18 years is too long for an 18-year old, isn’t it?) but

In my defense,

”A woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle.”

I hope you get the point.


Of course, it will have my views on feminism, maybe the lgbtq+, casteism, racism and basically every aspect of the society that demands equality. In addition to that, it might talk about other topics I’m enthusiastic about, for instance, a book that I read, or a song/movie that touched my heart. Majorly, just random thoughts penned down.

For example, I recently changed my school and listening to ‘Senorita’ by Shawn and Camila every morning helped me push myself to survive school when I didn’t even feel like going. There’s no rationality behind it, but perhaps that is how life is; illogical.

SO, I hope you enjoy. Keep reading!

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