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Can’t thank Harbans sir enough for thinking of my blog as deserving for the Vincent Ethindero Blogger Award. This award will go a long way in inspiring and motivating. Harbans sir is a great writer who writes about positivity and happiness. Make sure you check his blog EmulateMe out as well. Also, thank you to Vincent Ethindero sir for starting the chain of the award.

My Answers to his Questions

  1. Would you enjoy life if there were only happiness?

Um actually that seems like a lovely life, but then we would obviously take the happy moments for granted. Also, I believe feeling things is a blessing to humanity, even if the feeling is a negative one like sadness, or anger. It is extremely important to have a balance of all to appreciate a good life.

2. How can we enhance the circle of our friends?

I think that happens with age. As we grow up, we tend to choose our companions wisely and we must make sure we are surrounded by people who make our lives better by being a part, not worse. The key to happiness is surely finding the right friends.

3. The best way to come out of a difficult situation?

The best way in my opinion is to seek help and try to remain calm. Talking it out to someone will certainly be of huge help and judging the situation with a third-person perspective is another useful way as well. That way we can view the condition differently and sort it out.

4. Is not the specter of fear one of the main causes of our downfall?

Indeed, it is our own fear holding us back from doing the best for us, but at times it isn’t just fear of failing. Sometimes, it’s the fear of being judged by others. After that initial fear is overcome, there isn’t much chance of a downfall except if there’s lack of effort. We just need to face our own fears, that’s it.

5. Is there is a limit of trusting others?

Obviously we need to trust everyone in limits, by which I mean our blood relations as well. In this world, there isn’t anyone you can blindly trust except for the close family members you love the most. It is exceedingly human to put out blind trust in them, but just be a little alert there too.

6. How can we attain balance in our lives?

Most importantly, we need to assess ourselves and our lives. There will be a field where we’re extremely flourishing, while there must be another sphere which we are failing at. Work on improving that one, and don’t just focus on one part. Set realistic life goals and try your best to achieve them.

7. How can we remain cool in dire situations?

Firstly, we should avoid drastic steps and we’d not take to bad things to get distracted from the crisis we are in. Even if it seems like neverending, we’ll just have to stay strong and it will soon be gone. Also, if it’s taking a toll on mental health, we ought to ensure that we take care of ourselves and stay in the best surroundings possible.

8. Your idea of a happy life?

The secret to a happy life will always and always be staying truthful to yourself. For me, if I’m doing what aligns with my moral values, I will be happy for sure. And a lot of it also depends upon the people around me; if I am around people I like, I’ll mostly be more than happy.

9. Is not failure the stepping-stone of success in our lives?

It all depends upon us; to turn failures into stepping stones, we need not get demotivated, just keep going. No successful person out there has ever reached where they are today, without getting the better of whatever they failed at. We need to learn from our defeats and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

10. The best traits of a good household?

I strongly feel a good household is one where people are open to any adjustments that suit the situation. Accommodating with the need of the hour is very important. Also, spending happy, quality time with members is also equally necessary to keep relationships intact. Everyone must learn to communicate with each other and help at turning points. The rest is very subjective.

Are not right attitude and behavior patterns the best remedy for achieving higher goals in our lives and why?

Yes!! The right attitude i.e. positive attitude is one of the many prerequisites for achieving higher goals in life. Consistency is another one that is very much needed as the journey isn’t a short one. We need to stay focused and not allow ourselves to get distracted from what we wish to achieve. Goals aren’t meant to be compromised with.


1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog

2. Make a Post of the award (with photo)

3. Post the rules

4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice

5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.

6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @

5 questions for y’all

  1. Why did you think of taking up blogging?
  2. What is the primary focus of your blog posts?
  3. Which bloggers’ posts do you love the most?
  4. One or two close friends or a lot of casual friends?
  5. Are you satisfied with how you’re living right now?

10 People I am nominating for the award are:

  1. Haroon Mirza (Haroon’s Blog)
  2. Jimmy Dagger (Internet Marketing Business Blog)
  3. The Drabble (Drable submission)
  4. Pointless Overthinking
  5. Betul Erbasi (To Write or Not to Write and What to Write)
  6. Wandering Ambivert (Nature, adventure)
  7. Forestwood (Something to Ponder About)
  8. Pedrol (Story telling)
  9. Ailish Sinclair (Scotland)
  10. Sammi Cox (Sammi Scribbles)

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