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Here are a few quick activities to do on a day you feel down and anxious

Mental Health is priority for men, women and children alike. Taking out a self care day for yourself when you watch cartoons, do diy face masks or focus on beauty is good. Some of these ideas are the last things you’d wish to include in your routine on a bad day, but trust me, that is why they work, well, at least for me. None of them involve stepping out of your house, so that’s a plus…? Also, I’m no depression therapist, just a teen telling you what makes her feel better on a day not going well.

  1. Get up and take a shower! When you aren’t feeling your best, it is extremely important to clean your body as that plays quite a major role in your wellbeing. Have a shower and put on freshly washed clothes. That makes a hell of a difference, really. Wear well-ironed clothing and you’ll set the mood for the day.
  2. I get it, don’t come at me. Physical activity is the last thing you want to do but give it a try, please! Turn on some cool pop or your favorite music and do aerobics or just any light workout. Science has my back here, you can’t argue.
  3. You will not feel like working and surrounded by ‘Take a break’ posts will make you feel like you’d just take a leave and go to bed. That might even work for you, but even if you take a day off, make sure you work a bit. Just a tad, maybe an hour. It will make you feel normal and keep you distracted from those negative thoughts trying to take over.
  4. DO NOT watch anything depressing, be it a tragic movie or your friends’ instagram stories flooded with sad quotes. This is a time when cheerfulness is what you need the most and refraining from sadness is the first step towards that. Instead, put on a comedy show on netflix or watch inspirational videos on youtube. Inspiring videos could be the ones where people talk about how much they’ve dealt with in the past and the great place they are in now. Or it might be a TED talk! TED talks are quite amazing, aren’t they? When I want to watch something light hearted, ‘Cut’, ‘Hiho Kids’ are some of my go to youtube channels. Jimmy’s ‘Kids Explain’ videos like the one below also rarely fail to crack me up.

4. Get dressed, get ready and do a mini photoshoot! Applying lipstick does wonders for some reason, so do it if you use makeup, and click some cute pictures of yourself having fun. Not for others, but for yourself.

6. There’s a reason your elders are after your life to meditate and practise yoga. It has been proven that these activities increase the production of your ‘happiness hormones’ and twenty minutes of the same won’t hurt, would they?

7. Read a book or an ebook! Stories take you to a whole new fictional world even if it’s for a few hours and chances are you’ll return to the real world with that beautiful smile on your face. Books are indeed, our best of friends.

8. Doodle! Just draw anything that comes to your mind or hunt inspiration down from Pinterest and get your creative juices flowinggg. Make a portrait, caricatures or a scenery, that’s up to you. Bonus points for coloring!

9. (This one needs stepping out of your house.) Take an evening stroll around the neighbourhood but do not take your phone along. It has to be just you hanging out with nature. If you can, smile at acquaintances or even strangers while walking and if they smile back, I swear that will warm your heart.

10. Last but not the least, talk to someone! You feel like no one loves you, but you got friends. If not them, you got parents and if not them, you always have the option of making a little diary or journal and maintaining it by entering your feelings daily.

Note: If you feel it’s something more serious and long-lasting, please visit a psychologist or get counseling. These can all still be done while you’re at home to make you feel better, but they can’t treat a bigger issue. Take care 🙂

Comment below how you relieve stress and make your day a better one! Also, this blog is a positive, judgement free zone, so reach out to me or leave a reply if you want to share your story. Love love ❤

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