Book Review 1 for the month July: A romance novel ‘I Temporarily do’ by Ellie Cahill

Hola amigos! Here I am with another book review for a book I read last week, ‘I Temporarily do’ by Ellie Cahill which had been published just in 2017 by CreateSpace. These are my own views on the book and you may or may not agree with them, so read on to know what I think. And have fun!

I temporarily do
Ellie Cahill
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Blurb: Just when Emmy was going to join a prestigious graduation program, a con artist takes away all the money from her bank account. Beckett’s day is even worse because he applied for married student housing and now he’s single and ineligible for it again. They plan to get married secretly and are carefree as they will get an annulment soon. Beckett knew the apartment was going to have a single bedroom but forgot to inform Emmy. She finds it much more difficult to play this platonic ‘newlywed’ game than she had thought. So what are a girl without a home and a guy without a wife supposed to do? What could go wrong?

Tagline: A little white lie. A little white wedding. A pair of roommates in over their heads.

Holy. Shit. I could not believe what I was hearing. “Oh my god Beckett, that sounds awful.”

I temporarily do

Review: With 240 pages in all, ‘I Temporarily Do’ was a two-sittings book for me and I don’t wish it was any longer, or shorter for that matter, and it reads with the first POV, that of Emily, better known as Emmy, and hence the fun story is told through her eyes. First of all, I loveee the name and the cover is also okay. The storyline is pretty cliche by the way, but not bad in any sense, in fact it just lives up to its genre i.e. a Stand Alone Romantic Comedy. The author Ellie Cahill’s writing style is kind of different and precisely precise, so we aren’t left with much idea about the characters appearances even after it’s all done with. The english usage is quite chatty if anything, with a considerable number of cuss words and there is one love scene as well. I loved the characters, my fav was of Emmy and her dad John Black and the light humour during serious moments made the Cahill book interesting. What I didn’t like was that the blurb gave out too much of the EC book because novels with the fake-wedding plot are common and the uniqueness of this one was revealed in the synopsis itself. The ending is quite basic or predictable and the lesson that it gave us could be to confess our feelings to people before it’s too late, so I’d say overall it was a good book. Although it could have been better if the situations would have been a little more relatable, I would suggest this piece if you like contemporary romance but wouldn’t if you aren’t a fan of cheesiness in rom-coms.


Star Rating: 3.6/5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Comment below if you have read this book or if I was successful in convincing you to do so! I’m dying to receive your feedback. Well, not dying but it would make me very happy if you would also share this post with that one booklover friend you have.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review 1 for the month July: A romance novel ‘I Temporarily do’ by Ellie Cahill

  1. This book seems some what similar to the Netflix movie ,Love Per Square Foot. Well ,If I liked the movie ,I think this book would interest me too.
    Thanks for the amazing review ! 😄

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