she wants you to listen to what she has to say:

hi guys. I’m another 16-year-old, here to write about things that I couldn’t say out loud. Also, to know your views on things. Feel free to vent your feelings out here; secretly. I won’t tell anyone 😉 You should know that this platform is free of all kinds of judgments, so you don’t really have to worry. ❤

Keep hustling!

At times, it becomes so hard for us to talk about emotions we’re feeling because either 1. They can’t be described or 2. We don’t have anyone to talk to; about them. Having great friends and family sometimes isn’t enough. They might be loving and genuinely caring for you, but many a time, they just can’t understand what you’re going through. Nobody is actually at fault, but shit happens. That is when journals, personal diaries and blogs step in. Blogs have to be given brownie points for the platform they provide to share your feelings; not only to vent them out, but also for others to listen and learn. If you ask me of my mind, the best thing about such social media is the way people are able to connect with others from across the world. With the help of that, we can get to know that there are others who feel depressed, we’re not alone. Also, they will shock you with the number of people who are going through something very similar, and here you were, thinking that you’re alone in the fight. For a mostly-sad generation like ours, I think such platforms are some of the best gifts we’ve got, thanks to technology. So, that’s about it! I hope you got the gist of what I meant to say and don’t forget to

”Keep hustling.”


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thatgirlwhospeaks is all about things I've daydreamed about during school lectures, and now I wish to share with you. Not exactly a lifestyle blogging page as we'll talk about anything and everything! Do have a look at the about page for more info. <3

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