who is thatgirlwhospeaks and what does she speak about?

thatgirlwhospeaks focuses on feeling good about yourself. If you wanna look at life with a young girl’s point of view, I think following the blog would not be a bad idea. I could have kept a journal as well, but this is just for the sake of reaching out to you guys, and knowing your views too. I hope to know your thoughts and maybe even change something about the way you think. I’d also love to write about the epiphanies I have while I grow up. thatgirlwhospeaks will also speak about other things like social issues or problems that have something to do with women; so in case you’re someone with sexist views, you should definitely give the blog a try. We need to learn to respect women and their choices, only then can we appreciate their existence. With the help of thatgirlwhospeaks, I wish to see a world where people are more accepting of each other and at the same time, are ready to support one another. I’d love to connect with like-minded people as well as people with different thoughts. So, do reach out to me, and come and see life from my perspective!

Thank you lovelies!<3

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thatgirlwhospeaks is all about things I've daydreamed about during school lectures, and now I wish to share with you. Not exactly a lifestyle blogging page as we'll talk about anything and everything! Do have a look at the about page for more info. <3

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